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Published: 1 year ago

Screencast: Moving WordPress to Another Host

A simple screencast tutorial walking through the steps how to move a WordPress installation from one host to another. Today it will be from to GoDaddy.

Published: 1 year ago

New to Bluehost? Install WordPress!

New to Bluehost and want to get started with WordPress? Watch the video to find out how!

Published: 1 year ago

Please Pardon my Mess!

[featurearea title="WHOA Brett!" icon="support"] You have very little content!! [/featurearea] Relax. Everything will be fine. Breathe. As you can see I have very little content. I have wiped my database (no worries,  I always backup first!) and wanted to start fresh. I will re-add …

Published: 4 years ago

Planning a Site Structure

Most of the web design techniques I perform are either self-taught or a process I read offline. 90% of what I do day-to-day is through past mistakes and triumphs. When planning a structure of a site, I have to write out (yes, with a …

Published: 4 years ago

Custom Post Types

It’s not secret that I will most likely type about WordPress on this blog. It’s the CMS of choice and I just love making websites with it. When it comes to putting a site together, the best part is planning out if there is …

Published: 5 years ago

Installing WordPress on Bluehost

Made this video for a friend, the results may be different per Host. This is an overview of the process in which I follow.

Published: 5 years ago

What makes up a City website?

While going through some redesigning of my own, I feel to look inside the designs of others’ sites to figure out what I really need to do with the redesign of … City of Duluth’s site. I was hired by the City of Duluth …

Published: 5 years ago

Great Resources – 2009 Edition

Recently, a friend has asked me to gather a list of all sites I visit frequently. I think that sounds fair enough, but there are many places I visit if to gather ideas for websites I make or just find out what is going …

Published: 6 years ago

When the Fox ate the Internet

Tonight a dear friend had sent me an IM celebrating she has finally made the switch. The switch I made several years and haven’t looked back since! The jump from Internet Explorer to Firefox. That got me to thinking, what does Firefox really have …